Needed Feature: Inverse Relation

Hi, I’m wanting to display to the user the resources made by the creator, except for the one currently being displayed. I know there’s the filter option, but not sure how to exclude the one the user is currently viewing. Is there an easy way to do this within the filter option? I’m not familiar with what values can be entered. Here’s the screenshot below…


Similar to someone coming to the end of a blog post and seeing the related blog posts that they might want to check out. The user wouldn’t want to see a blog post link to the post they’re currently viewing. That’s what I’m trying to achieve here…

Thanks for your help!

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I’m drawing a blank on this one. I can’t think of a way to do it with the current feature set. In the past I’ve asked for the option of an inverse relation where it returns everything that does not match. This seems like another good case for this. Or if we could set the filter on the inline list to only show records that do not match the current record you are viewing. These aren’t options at the moment.


Is there an option to do that now?

Not that I’ve been able to figure out. Glide expanded filters to allow for filtering a column based on another column in the same row, but I don’t believe you can filter an inline list by the parent row.

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I had a similar situation while using “other similar listings” in a city directory app. I happened to separate my list into regular ones and featured ones, which I plan to charge. Only featured (paid) ones can be listed under detail page of regular ones, plus there will be no other listings at all under detail page of featured ones. That kind of avoided this problem.

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@Mark, I ran into another situation where I could REALLY use this feature. Any chance we can revisit? :pray: I have screen filtering set up—and that gets me halfway there—but the inverse relation is needed to display users who don’t match a dynamic list. There’s no way to do this in my current setup.


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Agreed! Any case I’ve ran into involves the need to filter a relation inside the data editor to properly calculate rollups. There’s no way possible without some ugly workarounds. Sometimes we need to manipulate this data before we get to the visual user side of the app.

I’ll just place this link here as well. :wink:


Adding conditions into other columns would be neat—especially template/math columns.


This should now be possible with in-screen filters

@Manan_Mehta, as I mentioned above, screen filtering gets me 1/2 way…it allows me to display the information correctly on the front end, but inverse relations are necessary for logic in the GDE.

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