Multiple Relations Links Blank cells

my app has a lot of relations in it and i am working on setting up the relations in the data editor, however i find that it will “match” all the blank cells. these cells are intentionally blank on some but other cells in the same column have data - is there any way for me to be able to set up the relation and match multiple but exclude all blank cells so that it only matches the cells with data?

Do you have screenshots? Is it matching a blank value to a blank value, or is the relation pulling a matching value along with blank values? For relation columns that wouldn’t be used for that row, can you put in an unmatchable value like ‘none’? You could maybe apply a filter to ignore matches where that value is blank.

ok so here is a screenshot… i don’t wanna share more info than i have to to get you a better understanding of what is happening because the app that i am working on is a family directory and so i don’t wanna show a lot of personal info on the web like this… but the way the app is laid out is at the top i have all the parent info and then i have the children listed and then if that child is married, i have the spouse listed as well as “married to John Doe” for example and then my goal was to have that column (that has the spouse’s name) related to the column that has all the parents names because once that child is married, they will have their own profile and so therefore i should be able to link to their profile from the parents profile (hope that makes sense lol) but the problem i am running into is that not all the children are married and there are some profiles where it is just a single person without a spouse and so basically what it is doing is it is linking the children that aren’t married (blank cell) to 5 (currently as i am just getting started) main listings that have a blank cell in the linked (related) column… so yes it is returning a positive when it encounters to negatives (blank cells)…

i could go in and fill in the empty cells with none or N/A but would prefer to leave them blank if there is another way of doing it…you mentioned applying filters… not quite sure what you have in mind there…?


Does something like this work?

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thanks so much! i didn’t realize how powerful that tool was :slight_smile: that did the trick!

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