Relation column not working on mobile

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone will be able to help me figure this one out :smile:

Describe the bug:

  • In my app, I have a detail screen with an inline list based on a relationship column, which I use to display the list of expenses made for a contract
  • In the same screen I also have a progress bar to visualize the amount of expenses vs the initial budget planned
  • Works like a charm on my laptop browser (both in preview mode and when I play the app from the sharing link),
  • BUT the relationship data doesn’t show up when I play the app on my phone i.e. the inline list does not appear on my Contract detail view from my phone, and the amount of expenses displayed is 0.

Further details:

  • I have an app with 3 tables: Clients, Contracts and Expenses.
  • In the Contracts detail view, I want to be able to display all expenses made for each contract and work out how much of the initial budget is left
  • The Contracts table has a relationship column that lists all Expenses made for each Contract.
  • The Contracts table also has a rollup column to get the sum of all Expenses for each Contract (relationship), plus some other Math columns for calculations
  • The tables are on Google Sheets

Expected behavior:

  • I expect the same behavior on my phone as on my laptop

Screen recordings


Do you use dates anywhere in your relations?

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Thanks for your reply! So my expenses do have a date column yes, however that’s not what I’m trying to retrieve with the relation, I’m using the amount of each expense. Would that still be a blocking point ?

It depends. I know that dates can sometimes cause problems when used in relations.

Can you show me how the troublesome relation is configured, and which two columns it is matching?


So something weird happened where I went back to get some screenshots for you, noticed that some data was all over the place and had to reset some of the fields, and now it’s also working on my phone.

I’m perplexed but happy. Should also note that I’m working on a weak internet connection these last few days, don’t know if that could have an impact?

So do you mean the data/configurations were saved in some places and not the others?