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Let’s say I have a list of articles, each article has comma delimited list of keywords. I want to show “Related articles” under the article I am viewing, based on at least one identical keyword. What’s the best strategy for that without having to create categories?

@Robert_Petitto ? :relaxed:

Thank you!

I “think” what you could do is use the split text field to separate out the values. Then create a relationship to those values. This should bring in other articles with those same values. Then just place a component with the relationship under the article content.

I “think” that will work. Best of luck!

Interesting idea @_eric! thank you, I’ll give it a try :star_struck:

Splitting worked well but not sure how to relate to items in the same tab?

Is each comma separated list in its own column?

You would create a relation column, it should be pulled from your split text column and then again related to the same split text column on the relation.

Then any articles that have any of the same keywords would populate in the relation.

Make sure to select the match multiple option as well.

All keywords are comma delimited in the same cell for each article @Robert_Petitto

I tried that @_eric but looks like it’s just showing me the writers? and then all articles when I create a relation list?

By default it will show you the value that is row 1 within that tab.

Are the writers listed first in the articles tab? Like the very first column?

I think you have it setup correctly. Try to now add an inline list component from that related column. It should populate the related articles.

Then you would just map the display field to the article names and images on the inline list.

It shows me all articles, not really filtering them just to related articles :woozy_face:

Actually it’s showing me all articles that have anything in the rel-keyword column…

Well that’s not good :tired_face:.

Is your intention to show articles that contain “any” of the keywords or “all” the exact keywords?

At least one keyword that is the same as in another article :slightly_smiling_face:

Something looks off with your relation column. I just noticed that it looks like it’s populating values within the related keywords column that shouldnt exist.

Make sure that your relation is from the same tab and to the keyword split text column. You are basically relating rows in the same tab.

In your screen shot, you should only have the first 3 rows populated (in the rel-keywords column) if the relation is setup correctly.

So it’s part of the article itself?

It looks fine to me, everything is showing correctly in the split keyword column, what I was missing was a lookup column. Now it’s showing me the articles.

No, I generate keywords based on article content with this tool for now:

And manually add them to the keyword column for each article

Seems to be working now on articles that actually have keywords, I simplified it with less keywords just to see that it works.

That said, articles that don’t have any keywords are just showing a lot of articles as related for no reason?

The split keyword values are missing (from row 4 down) but the related keywords are still populating. Technically this shouldn’t happen (if you are using the real keywords as the relation) because there are no keyword values to pull in the relation.

So that leads me to believe that the relation itself might be pulling from another area. It should only pull from keywords split text, same tab.

That’s why something looks off with the relation.