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I have a little question regarding the best choice for a domain name registrar, in case I do need to deploy thousands of apps, and so thousands of subdomains required. Google domains is the recommanded registrar, and I bought a domain name via this service, but it seems they allow “only” up to 100 subdomains…

What is the Glideapps registrar?

Many thanks!

Hi @Christophe_HK, as far as I know, the subdomain number limitations are set by the DNS Server, so if you can change your DNS Server you probably be able to create more than 100. I think that allows you to create 150 subdomains using one of their DNS Servers but you can also (I think) use your own. Try reaching Namecheap support team, they are usually very fast to respond.

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You might consider hosting your DNS at CloudFlare or DNS Made Easy if you need to have thousands of any kind of record. NameCheap is great but I feel their dns settings screen starts to get a bit buggy if you have a large number of records.


Many thanks @ionamol and @jake_z for your feedback, I will have a look at DNS servers which could support lot of subdomains

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