How many custom domains for Starter Plan?

Hi community

I’m new to glide and planning to sign up for Starter Plan.

I can see there are 5 published apps included in this plan. I want to know how many custom domains are included?

  1. Is it 1 domain and 5 sub-domains of the primary domain (like www.mydomain .com, then app.mydomain .com, club.mydomain .com…etc)
  2. 5 completely separate domains (like www.mydomain .com, app.mydomain2 .com, directory.mydomain3 .com…etc).
  3. mix of two, meaning I choose how many primary domains and sub-domain apps within that I choose to publish, limited to 5 total.

Sorry for wierd looking links. Since this is my first post, this community software is not letting me post “links” in my topic. But I hope my question is still clear.

Appreciate if someone can help.

5 unique domains (whether they be subdomains or new domains)

Thank you!

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