first question:

have 4 apps and I need each one to have a custom domain. With the $25 plan can you customize 4 domains from 4 apps?

What plan should I buy if I want to customize domains for 4 apps?

second question:

If I change to a paid plan, and I have more than 4 apps, you can choose which ones to apply the pro options to.

The starter plan will meet your needs. You can publish up to 5 apps/pages and add custom domains.

nice and if i have more apps like 10, i can choose the only 4 pro apps?

If you want to publish 10 apps, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan:

@Robert_Petitto by “published” (for the free plan) does that mean that we would be prevented from publishing additional apps above three apps… like literally would be prevented from clicking to publish more apps?

I am asking because I think with the previous Glide plans we could publish more free apps (I forget how many). I am wondering if my app stopped processing data because I published it. I am about to go try to see if I can figure out how to unpublish some old apps to see if that makes my current app work.

An alternative approach would simply be to create a 2nd team on a Starter Plan. If the Starter Plan gives you everything you need, you could just pay for Starter x2 instead of going to Pro.