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when i created a quiz app. how do I make like when they open the app they have to type the username,email address,phone number? And how do I see that details? please tell how to do this

A form or add row action? We’d probably need more information to understand what you are trying to achieve.

this is my question. I’m going to make an quiz app. So I want to make it like when someone opened my quiz app he has to type the email address,phone number and a username… And my 2nd question how do I look that the details what they have given? And my 3rd question is when I make an quiz app does they can create there profile putting name, email address, bio like that? And my 4th question is does I can watch the quizzes what they have taken? And my 5th question is when I created my quiz app and I shared the link to everyone and I want edit the again . so when I edit the app again does they are getting that updates? And my 6th question is how do I earn making this quiz app?

yes, in sheet, yes, yes, yes, add shopping cart

thanks a lot

How do I apply the shopping cart and how do I get that money?

Can’t I get the quiz template free? And how do I publish this app in play store?

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