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Hi, I’ve got a problem. I’ve made app similar to Cleaning Checklist Template and added user’s sheet (row owner function in email column). After adding new item in the list component, in the details new item is not visible. What did I do wrong?

Does the below list have any filter conditions applied?

Also, can you show a screen shot please of the Glide Table that the above list is attached to.

I think the problem might be with your filter.

Try changing that to “is not checked”

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 12.59.41 AM

Just to explain:

Glide booleans have 3 states: true, false and empty.
When you add a new row and don’t set the initial state of the boolean, it will default to empty.
And empty is not the same as false.
As a general rule, it’s better to avoid testing a boolean for false, and instead test for true/checked or not true/not checked.


thank you, but now the checked task ( is done) appears in undone tasks (5 of 6 undone) list and done tasks (1 done

of 6)

in the original Cleaning Checklist Template there is no problem

You are using an Inline List with Checklist style.

Which column is your Inline List → Check Value writing to?
Is it the same column that you are using as the filter?

you are right - I was filtering wrong column, it’s ok now, thanks once again


Can I use the form to add new item? Till now I have been using add (+) in list component, I’ve changed to form (after trigger the button) to shorten the action. But new task doesn’t appear:( on the list, even email user in the database

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Your table has a Row Owner column, which is empty for the row you added:

This is why you don’t see that row in the list. To fix that, you have two choices:

  • Remove Row Owners from that column, if it’s not required, or
  • Add a value to the user column when the row is created. You can do this using a User Profile column value in your form.

I used User Profile Columne - email, and yet email is missing in the table
Screenshot (10)

Which user are you “Viewing as” when you test?
Make sure that user has a value in the email column in the User Profile.
If you are viewing as “Anyone”, it won’t work.

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