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Hi, Im building an app based on lead generation. My app is based on redeeming points and using these points to purchase leads. My clarification is, whenever there is a purchase made, I want the points to be updated immediately in the app instead of force closing the app to restart. Right now, my agents are all force closing the app and opening it again so that they can see the updated balance points. Some of them exceed their purchase limit and the number shows a negative value. Hence, is there a way to refresh the app immediately, while open, once leads has been purchased?

Thank you.

Where are your calculations being done - in Glide, or in a connected Google Sheet?
If in a Google Sheet, then the solution is to move all calculations to Glide computed columns. If you do that, you can update your balances immediately, rather than waiting for the data to sync from the Google Sheet.

I tried moving my data or calculations from my excel sheet to glide columns. however, when I try using the app, waiting for an update, it doesn’t happen unless I force close and open the app…

If you are using Glide computed columns, then all calculations will happen on the user device, and will be instant. If that’s not happening, then I’d suspect that at least some calculations are still tied to the back end sheet.

You’d need to share some more details of your implementation before I could advise any further.

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Before your suggested solution, all of my sum up formulas and and formulas to identify was in google sheets. now that you asked to shift all of it to glide columns, I did it and the app still doesn’t get refreshed on my handphone once I redeem some points.

Okay. At this point I can’t say why it isn’t working for you. I would need to see your app in the builder, or at least see how the affected bits of it are configured. The only thing I can say with some certainty is that if it’s setup correctly, it will work as I described.

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