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I have the following structure in my app:

Page 1: list of students. Here user (the teacher) can select a student or add one.
Page 2: One Student. at the top of the page, the picture of the student is shown. In the lower section, the list of possible assignment is shown. This is an Inline List. Teacher can select an assignment and assign to the currently selected student.

Page 3: The summary of the assignment. Teacher selected the assignment from the inline list on Page 2. Here there is a form button allowing the teacher to submit the assignment for the student selected on page 1.

Page 4: the final form; teacher enters a small comment and submit the assignment.

The problem I have is that by the time the teacher reaches page 4 in the navigation, the app has no contextual data that tells us which student was selected.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

Is there a concept of variable or cookie I could set to tell me what user was selected?

Hello @brandonley

Have you ever tried to join Page 4 to Page 3? Only to add a comment together, or bellow the assignments he needs to put, and submit with the form button?

This way you don’t get lost about the datas and see exactly the student you’ve just picked it up in the page 2

That could help. But how do I do that? I researched putting a submit button on page 3 that doesn’t ask me for page 4. But i couldn’t find a solution. Form button requires you to open a separate page to enter the data you want to post.

Plus, even on page 3, the context is already lost. As soon as I select an item in the inline list, the context is lost :(. even trying to call Zapier would’nt help because the student data is not available on page 3. Note that the in list is a calendar. Not sure if that matters.

In the end, the question is how do I select two separate items and submit them together: student on one side and assignment on the other hand.

What if you reworked the app to put the form button on the student profile page instead?

Seems interesting. is this a public app? How does teacher selects the assignment when she clicks on the button?

Not public and yes…the video shows clicking the button and then selecting an available assignment from the list. Bit different workflow from what you wanted, but end result is what you’re looking for I think.

Weird. The video doesn’t play for me. I can only see the one screen titled Students.

Check out the Multi-Level Select example in

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager. I will review. @Robert_Petitto any chance you can check what’s up with the video? Looks like it got corrupted during upload?

App update!

This brilliant trick (List Relation “Data”) allowed me to achieve the following:

  1. Only need to create “is signed in user” rel/lookup once in user sheet with keyword and then can relate to that keyword in each tab
  2. able to create custom “headers” on each tab.

800+ rows & 20+ relation/lookup columns now boiled down to just 10 columns and 0 (new) rows…zero spreadsheet formulas = instant calculations.

Ah sorry. I was using Brave and it didn’t like it for some strange reason. Chrome works fine. Trying to figure out what you are doing there.

Thanks guys. Your two suggestions helped a lot. I got the general idea from @Robert_Petitto and I saw how to implement it in @Jeff_Hager’s concept app. Ironically, it isn’t the muti-level selection that was useful, but the Currency Transfer demo.

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Hehe, whatever works. Glad you figured it out.

Not playing for me

Same. I don’t know what you did, but it’s not playing for me either. It was before.

@Jeff_Hager @Lucas_Pires

Stupid Google Drive…try this:

Lol yeah, now it works :joy:

What did you change?

Hosted the video in Cloudinary instead :grin:

Oh gosh, yes… stupid Google drive :man_facepalming:t2: