Referencing different table based on QR scans


Is it possible for me to reference different table based on QR scan input?

In my inventory tables (raw, wip, finished), i have created a QR for each items based on a template column “raw, ID”, “WIP, ID” and “finished, ID”.

I’d like to scan that QR from one form and it can lookup the item automatically whether it is raw, wip or finished product.

I have created a table that extract the text from the QR and split the required ID. But how do I reference the relevant table?

You should be able to use a relation + lookup.


Do you mean that I would need to create 3 relations and 3 lookup columns to all 3 tables?

If there are 3 different tables involved, then yes, you will need 3 relations. One for each table. Along with 3 Lookup columns, you can then have an IF column to return the lookup column value that is not empty.


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