Recurring Dates

Hey y’all, I’m a first-time poster but have been loving/learning Glide for a few months now.

I have a question I’m curious about, how do y’all handle recurring events like birthdays? In a CRM app I created a calendar view of upcoming birthdays, but can’t think of an efficient way of essentially marking a date complete and essentially resetting it for the next year, or I suppose, a date-based trigger for reminders of any kind.

Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide!


Hi Andrew,

My approach for this in one of my old apps - specifically for the birthday part, is to have a dynamic column in my sheet to calculate when the next birthday of each person is.

So let’s say I have info from user A that her birthday is on January 1, then I have a column to automatically put out the next birthday anniversary, which in this case is January 1, 2021.

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Hey :wave: Andrew a warm welcome to the community, great to meet you.

This may also help, have a read

Wishing you success with your app.

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Thank you!!!

Here’s the arrayformula, for reference.

={"Anniversary date";ARRAYFORMULA(IF(C2:C<>"",DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(C2:C),DAY(C2:C)),""))}

I stored the date in column C.

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I have it setup where one column is month and day and the other column is current year, then a combo column that combines them so I never have to check again.

It’s weird to see all these solutions Glide came up with after we had to build workarounds for everything. I’m not changing the old stuff…way too much work. My employee app has over 50 sheets tabs, it was created before we had glide sheets.

Thanks for this! Working like a champ now.


Glad to hear it worked Andrew!