#Calendar : Convert a date birth in a recurrent date of birth

I’m new to Glide and I need your help.
I would like to activate reminders for birthdays by having initially entered their date of birth.
How to convert the date of birth entered (ex: 06/05/95) into a recurring and annual birthday date (ex: 06/05/22, 06/05/23, 06/05/24…) so that the date can automatically be inserted into the calendar?
Thank you

Hi @Fleau75,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Not good with Dates :upside_down_face: but I think this should work!

All columns :


Birthday column ( Date and Time Basic column ) that user adds their birthday :



Day column ( Math column ) that gets the day of the birthday column :


Month column ( Math column ) that gets the month of the birthday column :


Now Year column ( Math column ) that gets the year of today’s date :


Date column ( Template column ) to connect Day,Month,Now Year column to make the date :



Display inside the Calendar Layout :

For test I added 365 days to the Now column and I get the 2023 year :


Just thought to tag Jeff ( @Jeff_Hager :- Master of Dates ) to know if he has a different solution and to confirm If I’m correct :slightly_smiling_face: Not only Jeff, there are some more makers that so much better with Dates but this post might get like a spam if I tagged them all.

Thank you


Here, you can just point it to the “Now” value instead of having to create a “Now” column.

Otherwise, if the template column works in the Calendar view then I would assume that is the correct answer.

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Thanks Thinh! I think I overthink-ed that part :sweat_smile: I have updated my post!

Haven’t tried this for all dates/years—maybe this works in a single math column?


Awesome Robert! Thanks for sharing!


Extra Robert, it works!
Thank you very much, I’m so impressed with this community, it’s great to have this support.
Many many thanks !


Thank you very much Dilon for all these explanations.
For the moment, I used Robert’s method and it worked! For me who is starting and who absolutely does not know how to code at the base, this community is a great help so thank you again for all these shares.

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Glad it worked!