Recurring Automatic Calendar Dates Change?

The Column was originally weekday text
Tues etc

I switched type to date and time and now it showing me dates

Does anyone know if they will continue to change to the nearest Numerical date like the calendar does as time passes

This is strange behavior, but what is your final use for this?

I Have a schedule of task that repeat weekly
and volunteers that can sign up for these task

originally i was trying to find a way to have the dates automatically change in GS using the WEEKDAY formula but i couldnt fine tune it exactly how i wanted

when i used Text Weekdays like Monday, Tues etc as the Date column in my App it did exactly what i wanted it to do but the time said 12pm because there wasn’t an actual Date/Time inserted

so when i tried to formulate the column recently this happened and im wondering if the dates would continue to rotate if so i can use a template column and add my times so that it appears correctly

however i don’t want to waste time wth it and it doesn’t automatically change the date

So you want a list of days that would update every week, is that correct?

days or dates (preferably dates)
Saturday or 9/12/2020
Sunday or 9/13/202

then once the day or date has pass it changes to

Saturday 9/19
Sunday 9/20