Reoccurring events

I was hoping to get help on some strategy. My app lists local restaurant specials, I sort them by date which works great, but what if a place has a different special every day, the same day every week.

For instance, taco tuesday, clam chowder on Fridays…I’d want to allow Restaurateurs to post once, a reoccurring event. Any thoughts on how to 1) setup the creation of such an event and 2) display it only when near the date?

Thank you all.


I believe if you just type the day of the week into a date column, it will automatically calculate the correct date and dynamically change each week.


You are right. This is helpful for taking the entry of “Wednesday”. When I display them, grouped by “Weekdays” it returns the converted date. Any thoughts on Converting it back to the day?

You will have to first create a Math column with this formula WEEKDAY(date) which will give you the numerical equivalent of the day of a week. Then you will need an IF/THEN column to check that number and return the Text version of numeric day of the week.