Recommended Image Dimensions?

Hi, is there a recommendation for creating images for Glide? Most of mine are 800px by 800px, and then I’m squashing the file size using Squoosh, which brings down the file size to around 35kb. But, I know if I resize it to 400px by 400px, it could result in even faster loading times, but not sure if the image will get scaled up causing pixelization.

So, I guess what I’m asking is, what should be the recommended image dimensions for images so that whether it’s a bigger title image, or smaller list image, it looks good and loads fast?

Or should I create 2 different columns for both smaller and larger images?

Thanks for your help,
Glide newbie


@spencerb: thanks for the heads up in my post on the same subject.

It would be great to have some clarity on this, especially as Glide now offers an enlarger user experience on tablet & desktop.

We use to optimise our images with great compression, but it is really important to know what the recommended source image dimensions are.

Note: we are used to using WordPress where we have full control over optimisation of images and serving them via CDN using the optimal format, e.g. WebP etc.


Bump - this would be helpful…