Image Resolution / Dimensions

Hi there - I’m preparing a bunch of graphics for use in an app and I’m wondering if there are any sort of guidelines or recommendations for image resolutions. For example, what would the correct pixel dimensions be to show tiles in the 3:1 ratio. I want everything to load quickly, but not become blurry on different devices. Or am I overthinking this?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

See our documentation for images.

Glide automatically optimizes your images for fast loading.


Ahhh, missed that- thank you!

Hi, I could not find the documentation on Graphics anymore…
Please direct to the latest link.

I wanted to prepare some graphics for the app and wanted to find out the appropriate sizes.


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How can I find out what the different image component size dimensions are? For 3:1 for example.

If anyone needs to know it’s 2592 x 864-pixels

The actual dimensions aren’t important, it’s the ratio that matters.
3:1 means that the width should be 3 times the height.
So yeah, 2592x864 works. But 300x100 would also work fine. Or 600x200, etc…

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Yes, I needed a ratio. I see now, thanks!

Excellent :+1:

I often refer folks to the image below. It aids the understanding of ‘ratios’