Images size format

@11116 similar to the question asked here.
Recommended Image Dimensions?

Size does matter when you want a speedy app and your images are stored at e.g. google drive.

If the images are stored via Glide it might not matter (I don’t know) as glide has the possibility to shrink the image size before loading. I personally don’t like that option as I’m out of control of the image. I can’t delete it again.

Cloudinary has been discussed quite a bit the the community and it as some cool options e.g. reducing the size the image before retrieving it (and other very cool stuff). Do a search in the forum if you want to know more.

I myself haven’t found the optimal resolution and how to compute it based on the images you want to insert. iPhone 11 Pro has 1125px width resolution so I’ll try to obtain that and reducing the quality when I save the jpg images.
Would like some further input to setting the optimal size.

If you want people to enlarge the image you should take this into consideration when you size your image.