Recap: Launch a field app in under 30 minutes

Yes, you can launch a functional field app in less than 30 minutes using Glide!

​​Oscar Brooks from V88 Apps, a UK-based no-code development agency, shows us how it’s done by building a working mobile app from scratch, live on the call.

Our Build With Glide session covered:

  • ​Setting up a new app
  • ​Configuring app data, layouts, and actions
  • ​​Publishing and sharing your app

Key takeaways:

V88 is a UK-based Glide agency partner

  • The agency is run by a father-son duo who were drawn to Glide due to its speed and flexibility.
  • They specialize in building field apps, which are well-suited to Glide’s capabilities.
  • They have worked on a variety of projects, including one for a company called SG Survey that involved replacing a cumbersome spreadsheet-based system with a Glide app.

We built a Glide app for surveying rental properties, showcasing Glide’s ease of use and flexibility in creating custom interfaces and forms

  • The first step is to set up the data structure for the app, including tables for users, submissions, property types, and globals.
  • Next, we tweak app settings for users to sign in and upload their information.
  • The UI is built out, including a home screen with a profile view and a submissions view with a form for adding new submissions.

Thank you to Oscar from V88 for joining us!

Build With Glide is a recurring virtual event series where we demo existing Glide apps or build new apps from scratch. Guests include Glide users, team members, partners, and Experts.

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