Real Estate Brokerage App

Hi there everyone!

I’ve been working on this app for a few months now and have a design and layout that I’m happy with. Connexus is a tool for real estate brokerages to offer a modern tool to their agents. Tying together numerous brokerage tools (Pay at Close requests, MLS withdrawals, groups, support, training calendar, etc) in an easily accessible way. As well as offering a dedicated way for agents within the brokerage to connect with each other.

There is an onboarding process when logging into the agent-facing tool. Feel free to just use junk information!

The agent-facing tool can be found at

The backend app that the employees of the brokerage use can be found at

What are your thoughts on the tool? Any feedback is appreciated!


The agent app has a very slick interface, nice job :+1:
I particularly like what you did with the nav bar…

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Love the design! Congrats.

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I want to say that I am impressed, excellent work, I have a question, how did you make the close session button? at some point I tried to put the home page in the bar below but I couldn’t close the session, place a button to close session can you explain to me how you did it, thanks.

That screen view is just the User Profile Screen with the components of the screen customized to add in the information. The close session button is part of the User Profile Screen.

I managed to think that it was not possible, thank you, excellent inspiration

Love it! Congrats @Austin_Thompson1 :clap:

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