Rating in multiuser environments

Ratings are really nice way to provide feedback.

In a multiuser environment I would need a simple way to calculate the average value of the feedback or maybe even show based on how many. Does anyone have a light solution?

Here’s my way to approach this.


Thanks… :grinning: .did not thing of it but than how do you display the result…star and such…

I use Unicode characters. ★ and ☆.

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Ah way beyond my current skill, could you help?


Just copy/paste the ones you want to use.

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Thanks, and how do I represent a 3.2 rating? :sunglasses:

haha, I have no idea. I guess you’d need to get a bit creative :wink:

I have a solution ready.

Experimental Code link:


Then display the result in a rich text component.

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hehe, nice :slight_smile:

but… I was just looking at your source. Is a code column actually necessary? I mean, couldn’t you just use a standard template column and use the calculated perc value as a replacement?

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Yes, that’s true, I was lazy so I just want to paste the link to generate it the next time :sweat_smile:

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I was also lazy :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and I made it simple

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