"Rating" should show average stars and number of votes

“Rating” feature should show average stars and number of votes and it should have option to rate for non sign in users.

This is also another call for rollup over user-specific columns, which I think is nowhere near staging level.

With actions now, we can do this with multiple math columns though (Instead of the old way of adding multiple rows).

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I think you should be able to make both, average, and votes number, with the instruments we already got.

Also, are you sure not signed in users can’t vote?

I think the room for improvement here is that users still have to click a button with the right compound action for this to work. It would be nice UX if they don’t have to click twice.

Not sure I understand what you mean, but I didn’t actually make a version of voting, just saw I could make the average and the sum etc

Let’s say we have a user specific column to write the choice to, then users would still have to click on a button to increment the total vote points and the total number of votes for you to be able to calculate the average.

Custom action, increment number of totale votes, there should be a math function to add the vote the user just gave to the total of the votes, calculate average. Not?

You can’t do custom action on a rating component, so that’s why we needed the extra button with the custom compound action.

ok got it