Preserve visibility of star ratings after being submitted by user

Is there a way for star ratings submitted by a user to continue to be visible after submitting them through a form? The default seems to be that the star rating clears after you submit. For this app, its more important that the star ratings continue to be visible fo the user (so that they can refer back to it later), similar to how the Reaction component stays visible.

I have never used a rating component outside a form. I usually write the rating via a form/add row action to a Ratings sheet so I can do rollups and show ratings afterwards.

There’s another method that you can do with compound action, which is:

  • Show a rating component
  • Have a button that says something like “Send your rating”.
  • Increment a “Global rating total” column by the rating value.
  • Increment a “Global rating count” column by 1.
  • Increment a “User rating” user-specific column by the rating value.

Then you can have a math column to have the average rating of the item, while also keep the user-specific rating to show it right on the same screen.


I actually figured out another way to get to what I was looking for- rather than having the button set to open a form, I set the Action to “Link to screen” and set the Data as “This item” which still allowed for me to have a new screen/page open up but then the Star Rating component I added did not have to be submitted, and therefore cleared out after submission, so that the user could refer back to what their ratings were, similar to how the Reaction component works outside of a form.

I’m still very new to glide so the solution I arrived to above might be a super basic process, but it was a good learning/discovery experience for me :sweat_smile: thanks again for your help @ThinhDinh !