🤩 Rating Component: Display Average Star Rating

:star_struck: Star Ratings are back!

The Rating component in Glide Pages allows a user to assign a numeric rating to an item by selecting stars.

In this video I demonstrate how to set up your Glide tables and screens to allow users to

  • fill out a rating/review form
  • modify their rating afterwards
  • see a count of total ratings per item
  • see average star rating per item
  • view a list of all reviews per item.



Hey @Robert_Petitto ! Thanks for the tutorial, super helpful as always! I set up ratings component in pages, but the ratings are not registering to the column.

Feels like a bug, but have you ever run into this problem before?

I think it’s a known bug. Glide is on it. What happens if you double click the number you’re trying to select? Will it select?

Full transparency: the video I created shows me selecting the five stars, but it’s just video editing because it wasn’t working for me either :shushing_face:


Hahah, nice one!

No, I tried on different devices and browsers. None worked. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Mmm, SHOCK HORROR, can’t we even trust Bob’s videos anymore? :slight_smile:


I’m sure he will fix it… if not… ill post my technique :wink:

Ha. Glide will fix the issue this week probably.

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is there anything i missed?
rating component does not work

@tristan had this component been fixed yet?

Yes, fix for rating component in form screens going out shortly.

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It appears that if the Star Rating Component is the only components in a form, the form cannot be submitted. Is this the intended behavior? Not sure if this is related to the above bug or something different. Also, can they be made “required”?

If I add a text field, then the form can be submitted and the # is captured in the intended column.

@tristan ?

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The same behaviour applies with the Switch component. A form with only a switch component cannot be submitted.