Can you set range in glide? ex, “choose between 5-10” can we set the value of the range like that?


Do you mean on a number entry component? Yes, you can set a minimum and maximum value in the component settings.

No, not that. min 0 max 50 set, but after that, I want to contain the user between two set of numbers. Now, Is there any way to make the user pick values between say, 47-50 or 32-35 or 0-3 etc.

Maybe I’m confused, but wouldn’t your set you min max to 47-50 or 32-35 or 0-3 instead of 0-50? Maybe I need a use case to understand better.

Yeah, I worded it vaguely, the value can be anywhere between 0-50 for the users to pick but i just want to set the interval. one user may pick 47-50, other 0-3 etc