How to set range between two numbers

How do you set range between numbers for one input cell?
I’ll explain,
My users has to answer questions by inserting numbers.
For example, how many cups of water did you drink today?
Right answer is 5 to 8 = OK.
Wrong is less then 5 or greater then 8 = NOT OK.
IF: the answer is OK, then show “…”
IF: the answer is NOT ok, then show something else.

How is that achievable?
Thank you.

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you need something like this


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Use an if then else column…

If the numbers are always going to be 5 and 8 as the limits, you can just enter those values directly into the If Then Else column.

If # is greater than 8, then NOT OK, if # is less than 5 then NOT OK, else OK.