Random problems

hello, it has happened to me multiple times that my app works correctly and from one moment to another it fails in various ways, this affects me since I seek to fix problems that have no apparent error.

for example I used arrays for months and from one minute to another I can no longer see multiple images in the thumbnails of the lists.

Another is that I send WhatsApp messages through a short link that protects me for months and from one moment to the next, does it just open a browser window?

The phone number that does not have messages or calls enabled also stopped appearing, when before they could see them without needing that.

I don’t know if it’s a general fault, but it’s very annoying, since I use it for my work :frowning: Does anyone know by chance if it’s something temporary. Thanks

I’m hoping these are glitches that over time will become more stable.

Tonight I have a whole bunch of visibility issues going on which really affect the app.

Api calls with Make are also taking 3-5 times as long.

I just so happen to be testing the app more today so I don’t know how often it happens. Most of the time in the builder there are a lot of “this app is open in another browser” and “you are not connected to the internet”. I’m hoping those are only builder glitches but who knows.

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Keep reporting the bugs you’re experiencing. From what I’ve been told, Glide has been transitioning apps over to their new and improved computation model—but it might be causing issues with visibility, etc. of certain components.

Best thing you can do is submit a bug with screenshots, screencasts and support links.