Random numbers set on a spreadsheet no longer connect to Glide

My APP’s URL:https://helpful-chance-6903.glideapp.io

I had an APP that linked random numbers generated in a spreadsheet, but for some reason it no longer connects.

Example: =randbetween(1,3)
When you perform an action on the APP, the action will be reflected based on the random function.

However, since the other day, the situation where only the same number appears all the time continues.

Originally, numbers are reflected randomly from 1 to 3,
It seems that only 1 appears all the time.

By the way, if you operate directly from the application creation screen instead of from the application, random numbers will be reflected.

Is it due to the contract plan?
This app subscribes to “Starter Team” for $25/month.

what is the problem Also, do you know how to reconnect the data source to the spreadsheet correctly?

I’m assuming this topic is similar…

You should be able to check your usage dashboard to see if you have hit any limits.

Settings->Data->Data Sources->Replace
You can replace the Google Sheet with itself.

RANDBETWEEN() is a volatile function and is best avoided as it can slow your spreadsheet down.

A much better option in this case is to use the Roll Dice plugin column.
If you use that, then you get instant results in the App and you eliminate any data sync concerns.

thank you!

What part of the dashboard should I check?

Also, isn’t it due to the contract plan rather than the amount of data?
In the Pro version, I think that the random numbers are reflected correctly.

The Updates section at the top, thats where syncs are counted. But that’s clearly not a problem.

What you are referring to there is Extra Data Sync mode, which should be available with any paid plan. When it’s enabled, Glide will sync with your spreadsheet every few minutes while users are active on your App. Which may or may not help.

Regardless, as I already mentioned - if you need to generate random numbers in Glide, then the best way to do it is with the plugin column that I linked to earlier.

That post is two years old. A lot has changed since then. I’m pretty sure that @Robert_Petitto would agree with me when I say that using randbetween() in a GoogleSheet to generate random numbers is not a good idea.

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