Random numbers change in googlesheet but not in Glide Data

My app’s URL: https://r4ale.glideapp.io
I want my app to show random messages, so I’ve created in my GoogleSheets table a column with a formula that generates random numbers, and I set up the visibility according to the numbers in this column.
The thing is that although the numbers do change in the google sheet, they remain the same in the Glide app data. Even if I press “Reload Sheet”.

I’ve tried this too…it’s a pro app feature to retrieve data in intervals. Rand(), Today() and Now() aren’t considered “edits to sheets” to refresh the app.

Thank you Robert!
Well, that’s a bummer :frowning:
Do you know maybe some other workaround to choose randomly from a list?

We have a ‘Shuffle’ sort option for lists that can sort of do this.


If you can get the user to submit a form. It does not have to have any input. I just make a form where the current timestamp goes to a sheet.
This changes the sheet and then sends a new random number.

Here is a fun app that picks a different phrase after each form submit.


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Thank you, spencersRus!

Thank you, David! I’ll check out this option.

Hi David,

I saw the shuffle option, It’s a nice workaround. Thanks!

That’s what I was going to suggest. There needs to be an edit to the sheet that Glide recognizes…only way I know how to do that is a toggle (marks true/false) or form submit.

@Anna_Riabzev @spencersRus

Trying to build something fun, like a game where you collect pieces and prizes by rolling a dice. Just can’t seem to figure out how to return a random cell from a column.

I tried the Form Submit to send a timestamp - but the issue is that after a user has pressed the Submit button in the top right, it just goes right back to the screen that took us to the form submit.

Is there a way to have a new screen appear after a user submits the form?


Hi @Tyler, I explain it here:

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