Radio buttons or only one box checked!

Dear all,

Along with checkboxes, radio buttons will be a great and useful improvement to manage data in our spreadsheets and apps.

Using checkboxes, we can set several data to true by checking the according boxes displayed. Using radio buttons, we would be able to set one and only one item to true, the other displayed items to false. And this would avoid toanage such behavior using app scripts.

The pain point could be for Glide to set several values in several rows at the same time (1 value true, others false). Not sure if a pain point or not…

Have a nice day!


I made a dream - yes, I dream about Glide and my apps… - where no radio buttons were available, but the checklist layout of the inline lists came with an option allowing the maker to force 1 and only 1 box checked. And that’s exactly what I / we need : an option to the current checkboxed inline list to force only one box checked (or several if the option is not enabled).

And that would perhaps require less work to achieve, being given the fact that the checkboxed inline list feature is already deployed…

OK. Time to wake up now! :smile:


The “Required checkboxes” is a great new feature! And as the submit control is enabled only when all required checkboxes are selected, some kind of magic can happened in Glide and may also be applied for the “only 1 box checked” feature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, great suggestion. We will have an inline choice soon, which is a step in this direction, but we can consider a radio button style as well.


Excellent, many thanks @david and the whole team :+1:t2: