Radial Charts not displaying list of items like other charts(Bar Chart, Line Chart)

l am trying to displaying a list of items on radial chart but it’s giving the options to add more items like the other charts.
how can l go about this??

What type of data structure do you have for that table? It’s likely you don’t have a structure that fits with what the Radial chart expects.

this is the data source for it.

l don’t think it has to do with the data structure… Kindly try to do an example of radial chart on your own.

I’m not saying that your structure is wrong, it’s just that it isn’t a fit with what the Radial chart expects.

Thank you very much…
I will try the same and get back to you

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Thank you very much, l try it out, it works out…
but the issue is with the way the database is being structured… can we make the values(in Venue, Rentals, Invites, Flowers, Days of Stationery and the likes) --(note that they are all in the same row of the weddings table) appears in different rows on another table(like yours)…

Are there other suggestions you have??

If you don’t want to change your database structure, I would suggest using Quickcharts and structure your input around that.

Hmmm, l will check it out.