😍 Quickchart.io: the Cloudinary of Charts —on the fly charts!

Impressive glide + quickchart = :clap:

I love it. Thanks @Robert_Petitto

Hey @Robert_Petitto, Amazing idea.
Just wanted to check if the user wishes to upload data with Previous date than the date already there in sheet, in that case how can we adjust the graph to be show dates in sequence, any trick for that?

As long as you’re using the date they entered rather than the “current date time” it should order it automatically.

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Has anyone figured out how to get the Word Cloud API to treat short phrases as individual words?

For example, I want to be able to send it something like text="Open Minded" "Happy" "Risk Taker" and have it return a word cloud with just 3 “words”. But it seems that it splits on white space so the above example returns 5 words.

I’ve tried all sorts of permutations…

  • text=Open-Minded Happy Risk-Taker (removes the hyphens and returns 5 words)
  • text=Open Minded;Happy;Risk Taker (ditto, with the semi-colons removed)

The only way I managed to get it to “work” was by using underscores, eg. text=Open_Minded Happy Risk_Taker. That “works”, but the underscores are left intact so the resultant chart looks a bit ugly.

I tried emailing their support, but after a week I’ve had no response :sob:

Try replacing the spaces with empty characters.


You beat me to it!


Close, but no cigar.
Seems like it removed the empty character and joined the two words. So open‎ minded became openminded.
But perhaps it’s just a matter of finding the “right” empty character to trick it… I’ll experiment a bit.

I also thought I could be a bit clever by examining the source, but couldn’t any reference to the word cloud API in there :unamused:

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Guessing you tried %20?

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yep, no dice

Hey @Darren_Murphy just throwing this out there - what about some padding between the words?

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After much trial and error, I found that the Braille Pattern Blank (U+2800) symbol works when sent as an HTML escape sequence. (%E2%A0%80)

So… https://quickchart.io/wordcloud?text=Collaborative%20Humorous%20Efficient%20Open%E2%A0%80Minded


Thanks @Jeff_Hager, for once again pointing me in the right direction! :facepunch:

Update: This workaround is no longer necessary. See below.


@Darren_Murphy phew, and relax

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I just put QR codes in my app.
This is a game changer.

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How are you using them? Do share!

Right now I just wanted to see if I could scan the QR pic (in my glide app) with a QR scanner. I am wanting to create an app that you can scan (using glide - I will be waiting for that to come out) the QR code for students to use as hall pass. This way the admin and other teachers can see who is out of class.


I like this idea!

Nice! Very doable!

What a great idea :+1:

I found this website that would useful making QR codes.
Click here

It show how to put different characters (new line, …) in the QR code.
QR code with multiple lines
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