Questions about Whitelabeling for paid plans

Hi folks,

I’m in the way to setup a Team for new apps but I’m confuse regarding Whitelabeling. If we set a Team, for example, using a Starter plan, what kind of Glide branding will apear into these apps ? I’m asking this to figure out if it’s really necesary purchase Whitelabeling for each app.


I believe it would be the exact same glide labeling that you see in free apps. Minus the popup that shows on free apps on very rare occasions.


Thanks, but what does “Available Separately” entail for Whitelabeling on the Starter Plan?

It means you can pay separately to enable white labeling on a project. The Starter plan does not include any white labeled projects for free.

Thanks but how much?

This is from Glide’s pricing page.

Same as what is shown in my original post.

Thanks! I saw that, however it wasn’t clear as this explicitly notes “additional apps” that may lead one to believe it’s referring to additional apps on the next tier’s pricing that includes white labeling.