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Ok I’ve just upgraded but might have overlooked something. Is a project an app? This isn’t very clear, I was hoping to have a page and an app in one project, a page for the admin side and an app for the customer side, but both need to be white labelled, does this mean I need to pay for white labelling twice?

  • Apps and Pages are different from each other, but they are each projects.
  • You can have multiple projects in a team.
  • Pricing is based on a teams
  • As for whitelabeling, it depends on the plan you selected for your team. If it’s a Starter plan, then you pay for whitelabeling per project. If you have a Pro plan, then whitelabeling is included in the price for up to 3 projects. (Business and Enterprise have whitelabeling included on more projects within the team)
  • If any plan does not include whitelabeling, or you need more projects to be whitelabled, then you can pay seperately to whitelabel each project at $10 per project.
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So, what you’re saying is yes, I have to pay twice for this set up on a starter plan as an app is a project, rather than a project actually being one all encumbering project. Not very clear unfortunately, bit of a minefield with pricing!

With a Starter plan, it would be $25 to upgrade the entire team folder, along with all projects in that team, to a starter plan. (Up to 5 projects can be published at any one time with a starter plan.) Then it would be another $20 (10 x 2) to pay for whitelabeling for two of the projects (app & page) in that team folder.

Teams are not considered projects in the sense that you are thinking. Your base subscription price is for the entire team folder. You can have several different projects within a team folder that aren’t related to each other in any way…but as a team, they do share the same pool of usage limits in some cases.

Ultimately, you are looking at $45 for the starter plan and whitelabeling for two projects. If you plan to have more projects in that team folder (again, up to 5 can be published), then you could also consider a Pro plan for $99. A pro plan would give you higher usage limits for the entire team and include free whitelabeling for up to 3 projects in that team. It all depends on what your future plans are. If the Starter plan is sufficient with two projects whitelabled, then I would stick with that, since it’s cheaper than a pro plan.


Yep I get it. The starter plan is fine for my own client management tool, but the next project I’m building is for a client, so I’ll need to upgrade to pro and possibly white label 4 projects - but I’ll need to check out apps more first, given I’ve only looked at pages so far. Thanks!

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