Whitelabeling a starter app?

Is it still possible to whitelabel an app in starter plan with 10usd?

Yes. Do it via Settings → Billing.

You’d need to have the pro plan or above though wouldn’t you? The OP is asking if its possible on the starter plan.

Pro Plans and above include unlimited white labelled Apps.
On a Starter Plan, you have to pay $10 per App for white labelling.


I think this option is not possible anymore

I just checked in a Starter Team that I have, and the option is there:

But it may not be available in newer teams. I don’t know about that.

Its used to in the pricing but now its removed for the new users

I have the option to add it on a Starter team plan that’s only about 3 months old.

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And with that option is possible to customize the login screen as well?

I’m not completely sure on that. I’d assume No, but I don’t know for sure. As far as I’m aware, whitelabling just removes the Glide branding from the app.