Enable whitelabeling on Nonprofit discounted plan


I would like to remove the ‘Made with Glide’ label, but under Billing it will not allow me to click the box to ‘Enable Whitelabeling.’

We are on a plan with a nonprofit discount, which should be the same features as the Business plan. The Business plan on the pricing page shows “5 projects included” for Whitelabeling. But it won’t let me click the box.

Any ideas what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

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They state that it is the same as the business plan, but I have noticed CSS is missing in Apps (Pages) and I cannot Whitelabel any Apps. There are other differences that I’ve noticed, but those are the two that stick out to me.

@kyleheney can you help with this?

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There are several differences that are noted when applying for the program. Although it does have similar limits to the Business Plan, some features are only available to actual Business or Enterprise accounts. If these other features are critical for your nonprofit, then you’d need to upgrade beyond the non-profit plan.


Gotcha- thank you!