How to disable white label

I once enable the white label option, but now I want to disable the white label option and the checkbox is missing.

please help

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That’s a good question. Following.

What plan are you on for this app/team?

I just signed up for a Business Trial and am experiencing the same situation albeit Docs is stating:

Business is the most popular plan level, and with the Business Plan Free Trial, you can unlock all the features of the Business plan for a trial period, for free.

Whitelabeling is included starting from the Pro Plan:

UPDATE It seems that whitelabeling its now setup by default, which is much better :).

Can anybody confirm this please?

I could be mistaken, but I don’t think I ever changed the whitelabeling configuration in the settings of this app which is on a business plan. As you can see in the screenshot below, whitelabeling is turned off by default (disabled).

So I cannot say for sure, but I believe whitelabeling is turned off by default in business plans.

I don’t know about other plaid plans. To test, you can create a new team, upgrade, check the billing settings of an app, and cancel the plan.

I see only this, same as above:


Let’s see if someone else chimes in.

Perhaps the whitelabeling checkbox appears only once the trial is over?

I can confirm the Whitelabeling option appears on a Business team I’m in.