Non-Profit pricing and approval

Contemplating building an app template tailored to AAU basketball programs. I can iterate around my sons team and coach. AAU programs are almost always ran as 501c3 non-profits. The Glide non-profit pricing is attractive and would allow something to be built that is very competitive with the current offerings in the market. I would build to re-sell beyond my sons team. How can I have confidence that the AAU teams using the template would be approved with no hiccups and that the policy won’t change. Or is it better to just build elsewhere due to these isseus.

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It appears non-profit plans cannot be white labeled even with an additional fee. Is that correct?

Can you help with this @kyleheney ?

This is true. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’d recommend reaching out to Support to see if it’s possible to purchase a separate white label add-on for a project inside a non-profit team.

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You can’t reach out to support unless you are paying customer. Catch-22.

You can contact them for billing-related issues, but support with in-app issues are usually addressed by this Community before needing to get Support involved. I recommend replying to the Non-profit confirmation email you received when you were approved and ask about white labeling that way.

Hi Jeff, white-labeling is not available for non-profit plans. If you’re interested in upgrading to one of our standard plans feel free to PM me and I’d be happy to address any questions you have.

Talk about being clear you don’t want any non-profits using the platform. And don’t want people building templates for non-profits. Message heard. Loud and clear.

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