Question using template column

using the txt msg next to phone, I want to make it so when i txt msg someone from the app that the body shows my name from this app. I have it set up to show the name and such but it show the name of the person im txt msging and i want it to show my name instead of their name.

Why don’t you show us what the text of the message looks like now and how you compose it.

and it comes up with the persons name that im msging instead of from me

What does your handle column look like?

If the handle column has the persons name then it is doing what it says. If you always want your name just type in your name in the template instead of Me.

the handle is a nickname and yes george it is doing what i told it to but what i want it to do is who ever is txting the msg i want there name instead.

Then you have to have them send the message from a page that has the information on it. Check out the tutorials and or posts that talk about setting up a profiles page based on the logged in user. Once you have that set up then the sending of the message would need to be on that page with visibility to the column that has their name in it.

ok thank you

@Robert_Petitto template column doesn’t include rollup column. My one sheet keeping FlatId and Name. Now data entry sheet is having FlatId and I have made one rollup column with name. Now want to make one column FlatId - Name, which will be used for display purpose. Template replacement fields does not consider the rollup column. Please suggest how to achieve that inside glideapps.

I was able to include that value from a rollup column in a template column, but I’m not sure how you got a name in a rollup column. The rollup column mostly calculates numeric values.

Sorry, that was a typo error, I am talking about Lookup column. I have used lookup column to bring name from other sheet but unable to join that text through template column. I had to use formula in spreadsheet.

Is your relation set to Multiple? If so, that will turn your lookup into an array and arrays can’t be used for things that only accept a single value. You need to uncheck the multiple checkbox in your relation.


Thanks. It worked. Everyday I am learning something new. :pray:

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