Question on Syncs

In the event that our app / page is set to “Normal” sync, should the total syncs equal the sum of Adds + Edits + Deletes? If syncs only occur when Adds, Edits, or Deletes are specific to a google sheet, should syncs be less than the sum of Adds + Edits + Deletes?

Is it possible to view update / sync data on a per project basis? Trying to better understand high sync counts and thank you so much for the help!

The first part is helpful. My sync count is greater than the sum of Adds, Edits, and Deletes and all apps on plan are set to normal. Curious if I’m missing something or what is going on?

I’m unable to see the per project update data in either the Data tab of project settings or the Updates section of our billing dashboard. Am I missing something here? Thank you so much!

Not necessarily. Supposedly an Add/Edit/Delete should not incur an additional sync in normal circumstances, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. With syncs set to normal, I believe a sync will count if glide retrieves data from google and something in the data has changed. I also believe google can send changes to glide, which would equal a sync. It’s also possible that a sync could occur when the app is opened and data has changed in the sheet. Overall, syncs are not necessarily correlated with Add/Edit/Delete.

Updates are per team, so I don’t think it’s broken down by project.


long read but you can find some info:

in my current situation, sync abut equal to edit. should not be, but…

just for sure - check your google sheet for arrayformula, formulas (especially that work with time/date), JS that work with “on edit”

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Thank you so much for the clarification!

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