Question about setting up a form - choice option

I’m creating a form for my sales reps in which they can easily enter data from their visits.
One question is a choice question and I choose the ‘chips’ design so they can tap on it and go.
For that questions I have 4 options and they can choose multiple options (1-4)

I thought everything worked fine but I added a new test user, the choice/chips were empty.
So the new user can’t make a choice on this questions.

How can I fix this?

Were they empty in the builder or when actually signing into the published app?

Empty in the builder when I added a new test user. See screenshot, left is the account which I used to create the app. Right is the new test user.

The form-questions I’m referring to are the ones with the ‘chips’ proposed answers. Left they’re there, right empty.

That looks like you’re building a Custom Form.

Is there at least one row in the table that screen is connected to?

Can you show a screen shot of the attached table please?

Hi Darren, see screenshot. Thanks for helping out

Usually missing components are a result of viewing a screen that the user doesn’t have access to.

You’re viewing as a new test user…does that user have something in the email column of the user profile table? Is there a filter on this screen that’s excluding the user somehow?

Yes he’s on the users tab with email/name/role.
I have no filters on this data.

For me it seems weird that when setting up this form I can’t have ‘proposed answers’ as a default. For example; what type of house?
Proposed answer A: small house
Proposed answer B: big house
Proposed answer C: appartment
Proposed answer D: mansion

I can’t set this up. Only by filling in the form 4 times I could get the proposed answers.
Maybe that’s what’s wrong in this form?