Custom form - multiple choice

Hi Gliders,

I’m struggling to make a form question with multiple choice, with suggested answers. I want my team to have 4 answers on a question that they can tap & go. How do I set this up in my table?

For example question: What did you sell?
Product A
Product B
Product C
Product D
There’s a possibility that sales rep sold Product A or Product B and Product C or any other combination. I have limited the choices to 4 so it always shows the 4 options above.

I have set up the data from my main account and everything is looking fine with the multiple choice.
But when I add new test users the multiple choice answers are gone, basically there’s an empty field at that question. I don’t have a solution for this. I have no filters or condition on this question/data.
Test user is also in the user sheet with email.
Maybe I’m setting up my custom form data the wrong way. I can’t seem to find anything on Youtube about basic multiple choice answers in a form question.

Any help on multiple choice?

Can you show a screen shot of how your choice component is configured please?

Hi Darren,

See attachment.

Okay, I can see a couple of issues there.

Firstly, you have Row Owners applied to the two columns shown below:

You almost certainly don’t need that, and it will definitely be causing you problems. So I’d suggest that you remove that.

Secondly, your choice component appears to be writing values to the same column that it is reading from:

Again, that will be causing problems because you’ll be overwriting the choice options.
Your choice options should be in a dedicated column that you don’t write to. Usually in a separate table, although they don’t have to be.

I’d suggest fixing those two issues first, and then see where you are at.

Hi Darren, thanks for your help!

I changed the setup and deleted the row owner at one column.

Now my next challenge is to have the suggested answers always visible for any user.
I can only see them when I’m in the mainaccount. As soon as I switch the suggested answers are gone. Also in the table the font of that data turns grey and seems not accessible. How can I fix this?

It’s because you still have Row Owners applied. Get rid of that, and it will work.

You should also review/study the docs on row owners, as it appears that you have a misconception about how that works.

Thanks, will do!

Yeah, I just started. Trial and error, not the best way

Thanks for your help, it works now.

One more thing, Darren.

I have a overview of filled in forms, that’s user specific. I only want to show the forms filled in by the user. How can I show this best? By filtering/condition?

Now that removed row owner I see all the submissions, I only want to see the submission from that specific account. (I think that’s how I got to the row owners in the first place)

Where are your submissions being saved to?
In this table, you should also save the email address or UserID of the user that creates each submission.
Then you would have two choices:

  • you could either apply row owners to that table - to the email column, if you use email.
  • or you could use the same column as a filter - “email is signed in user”

The difference is:

  • with row owners, each users device will only download those rows that the signed in user has ownership of.
  • with a filter, all rows will be downloaded, but those not created by the signed in user will be hidden from view