Choice component and row owners

I’m learning how to use the Glide App.

I have a quiz form that I want users to fill out. The quiz form is asking one question: “1 + 1 = ?” The quiz form has an answer field in the form of a choice component. The choice component is linked to an “Answer” tab in the spreadsheet that offers multiple choice answers for the question.

I want the student to be able to select an answer through the choice component. However, I only want the teacher to be able to update/change the list of answers themselves. Thus, I’ve assigned the teacher to be the row owners in the “Answer” tab.

When the teacher is the owner of the rows in the “Answer” tab, the student is unable to answer the question because they can’t see the possible answers. I’ve looked through the documentation and tutorials and the solution to my problem isn’t clear to me.

How do I get the answer field to appear for the student but still protect the master table for the teacher?

Thanks in advance.

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Row Owners is a security feature. If you apply row owners, only the owner of the row will ever be able to see the data because only their device will download that data. All other users will not get access to that data at all. Sounds like Row Owners is the wrong solution for your problem. I would remove row owners for this situation. I don’t know how you allow the choices to be edited, but you should be able to restrict whichever view allows editing to only the teacher.