Question about Payhere subscription

I have an annual Payhere subscription that was set up as an auto renewal.

How do i turn that off without screwing up the active accounts? Do i just delete the subscription on payhere and then when the year runs out for the subscriber it will just end?

I don’t want everyones accounts to get canceled bc i did something wrong.

@Robert_Petitto ??

I would contact their support just to be sure, but aren’t all those subscriptions created in your Stripe account?

I apologize, can you explain further?

Payhere is just a conduit to Stripe…you don’t need a subscription to use it. I think you might get lower transaction fees for subscribing, but it won’t impact your customers’ subscriptions.

Unfortunately the Payhere team takes like a week to get back to me lol and I need to know now bc I didn’t realize the subscriptions were set up as auto renew and it’s been a year and people are starting to get re-subscribed to this old membership.

The subscriptions are all connected to my stripe account but they were all created in Payhere and Make.

Sorry Robert, I’m probably not explaining correctly. My paid members on my Glide app have a subscription to my platform that is conducted/automated through Payhere and Make. I had someone set up the original subscription which i thought was only going to be a 1 time payment, but it was set up to auto-renew my subscribers and i don’t know how to turn it off correctly without canceling their account or pre maturely.

Does that make more sense or no? Lol

Oh I see. You don’t want an annual subscription for your users. It was only supposed to be a one time payment for lifetime access?

I imagine their initial subscription added them to some whitelist in your app. I imagine you also have some sort of logic to determine if they have an active subscription based upon the data that was added. What I don’t know is if you are make scenario is set to update the user record Upon cancellation.

I also think that your users will receive an automated email letting them know that there’s subscription was canceled if you were to do so on the payhere side.

You might need to contact your user base to let them know that you’re making changes to your subscription method and to disregard any automated cancellation emails they might receive.


omg I never replied to this, how rude! I figured it out on stripe that I can end the subscription on a certain date without them being notified so it’s been pretty seamless so far. But I didn’t have that capability directly in payhere, so now I know. Thanks for your help!!


No worries!

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Good to hear!

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