How to postdate a cancelled subscription with Payhere

I have monthly/yearly subscriptions for my users set up through Payhere that are automatically recurring.

Payhere does not have the ability to turn off auto renew when the subscription is up.

Instead I have to cancel a subscription immediately on Payhere to get a confirmation over to the user and then monitor the date their subscription is up on Glide and remove/hide their profile on a future date.

Is there a way to make it so that if someone cancels their subscription, I can manually cancel it on Payhere and then immediately check a box on Glide that makes it so when the users term is up at a future date, it will hide the profile then?

I have the sign up dates available, and I have another column that lists if the user is a monthly/annual member

I’d like to be able to do this without having to add a webhook. Thanks!

I don’t know PayHere… but this is “easy” to do with Stripe or PayPal… manually or through Google Scripts… @Robert_Petitto is an expert in PayHere.

How are users canceling their subscription? By request or are they visiting their Payhere customer portal to cancel?

When users cancel, you want their access to the app / premium features to cease at the end of the payment period?

This is perfectly doable. I explain the basics here:


Thanks Robert I’ll dig into this! Cancellation is by request and I already had subscriptions automated through Make, I just didn’t have the cancellation part set up so shouldn’t be too difficult hopefully. Thanks!