API Call Action to delete active subscription in Payhere.co

Hi everyone! Hope all is well with you. Has anyone come across this before?

I’ve been working on API actions for subscriptions and have been trying to integrate two methods shared by Robert Petitto:

  1. Google Sheets Payhere Subscription

  2. API calls + Payhere

Being on the Pro plan, I don’t have access to API Columns. However, I’ve stored all essential details, like the SubscriptionID, in a Google Sheets table that’s linked to the Users table. Here are some visuals for context:

I’ve set up the API CALL endpoint for deleting a subscription, following Robert’s guide, but I keep encountering the “API call: No Response” error. Here are the details:


I’ve double-checked all my steps and I’m a bit stumped. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue or have any insights into what might be causing this? Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :blush:

Thank you so much for your time and expertise!

This includes actions. The Call API action is only a Business/Enterprise feature.

Oh, now i see it…

Few weeks ago it was avaliable(

Yes it was. But the plan requirements changed when it came out of preview.

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You would have to trigger a webhook to an external service like Make.com, and then use the HTTP module over there to do the same thing.


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