Subscription payments: Stripe or Payhere

Client wants to sell subscriptions for access to programs within their app.


  1. Program A
  2. Program B
  3. Program C

They want to sell:

  • Program A only
  • All programs

What is the best way to build and manage the subscription?

  1. Stripe
  2. Payhere
  3. Stripe integration (Business plan)


I haven’t used the Stripe integration, so would vouch for PayHere.

Create 2 types of subscriptions inside PayHere, and show/hide the programs based on the plan of the user.


Here is a Stripe integration demo:

When I click Buy it says redirecting to Stripe Checkout with a loading circle but once it goes away I am still left on the Waiting for Payment screen. Is it supposed to open another window for me to “pay” in?

Should be new screen. Joe, are you on iOS+Safari? Try anything else

Ah. First did it on iOS Safari but then tried Chrome and got a popup blocker warning.

Glide has a bug for iPhones. When an open link action comes from custom action, it will block it even when the pop-up blocker is disabled.

The bug is reported but not yet fixed!

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Ralf try splitting up your action so the open link is the only action tied to a final button.

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