Question about CHOICE

Can you record the date that a Choice is made when using the choice component OUTSIDE of a form? Meaning, you add the single component vs. creating a form and adding multiple choices to it. In that case, you can capture via special value. I don’t think you can capture date since you can’t add the special value date to single choice without a form but just double checking. Thanks!

I suppose No. This has to be done by Formula/Script
You can check this Post might help you.

You can try Now() in formula if choice is not empty to capture the current datetime but it will override the value as the row gets updated anytime.


Thank you, this does help provide a solution! Knowing the limitation and the workaround required, I am going to opt to simply have the person making the choice enter the date using a date picker. This works okay for my use case because it’s a status choice being made by the app admin(s) so it only requires a few people to enter dates this way. Thanks again!

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