QR code scanner demo

also when i reload your app (copied version) nothing changes

solved did not have importjson

I’ve been looking forward for something like this for months. It’s awesome. Thank you for your job and for sharing it.
May be with arrayformula you don’t need the script to copy the formulas in the new row

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I think he was using IMPORTJSON, which didn’t offer arrayformula.

That’s true!

You can easily generate a QR Code in Google Sheets with a line like =image(“https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=300x300&cht=qr&chl=”&A2) where A2 contains the link or content of the QR Code.
This would be awesome if there was a way to generate deep links automatically whenever a new row is created in Google Sheet, or to automatically guess the deep link for all items in a list using their RowID in a template ?
But I haven’t figured out yet how to do that…

Combined with the QR Code scanner one could go to an item’s detail page by scanning its QR Code…

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Dude this is SO freaking helpful!! You don’t know how many times I’ve created a qr code not knowing if it worked or not!!

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With the fonction template i used your url to create a free QrCode generator :blush:


Nice ! I found another site which actually gives you a link to the generated QR Code, so that I don’t have to worry about storage of the code… https://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?size=300x300&data=YOURQRDATA

I was tried @Killko solution. It’s work on google sheets.
Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 10.54.03 AM

But I can’t display it on the app.

How can you do that? @Fredibu

Seems like you’re using an image formula in the Sheet. You would need an actual link (without the image function) for Glide to read and display it.

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Awesome. Thank you alot.




Hi @PaulVu, my initial way didn’t display because the google api gives you an image rather than a link to the QR Code. I found another QR Code api that works like a charm…
Change :

You can also generate QR codes using quickchart.io
Rather than using an arrayformula in the Google Sheet, I’d recommend using a template column in Glide. ie. something like this:


I’ve always wondered about which was more efficient. Do you have data about this ?

For me, it’s less about efficiency, and more about avoiding spreadsheet formulas where ever possible.

That said, any time you’re doing calculations in the spreadsheet, you’re always going to see a delay due to the time it takes to sync changes. In this case that might not be an issue, but often it is if you need instant results.

But again, I just use a general rule of thumb - only do it in the spreadsheet if it can’t be done in Glide.


Hi @Killko , I learned the hard way about QR codes generated in the Google sheet. The load times became really slow for the app & I had around 700 to a 1000 members rows with QR code spreadsheet formula. David advised me to create the template column in the Glide table & remove the spreadsheet array formula & it helped speed the app up. So definitely do the QR code generation in the glide tables. Cheers


Could we do this with the new Webhook action in Glide by any chance?

Hello ! Can you purge google sheet rows ? We cannot get your template to learn because its exceeds the limit for duplicating the app. Thank you.

@MGD_Tecnologia you could have a go - I did manage to copy the app today. I did clean up quite a few rows